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Destination Weddings – A Complete Guide

In most recent years, destination weddings are becoming more and more famous, and at the present time about 25% to 30% of couples opting destination weddings to make their special day more memorable. Usually, a destination wedding is an occasion where the bride and groom plan a wedding away from home, invite their nearby family members and friends to an ultimate location and make the occasion a vacation. Most couples hire wedding planners to create the destination wedding of their dreams.

Reasons - Why Couples Prefer a Destination Wedding:

When you have the desire to have a destination wedding, you first must decide the perfect location for your destination wedding. Before choosing the location for your destination wedding, you need to consider several things such as budget, guest list, and personal preferences. These days, for countless couples destination weddings, are a great choice and there are several reasons behind this. Let’s have a look:

  • To Have a Unique Wedding
  • To Spend Less
  • To Cut the Guest Count
  • To Have an Intimate Wedding
  • For The Love of Travel
  • To Have More Than Just a Wedding
  • To Spend Time With Guests
  • To Share a Love of a Place
  • To Have a Vacation
  • To Have a Good Time

Whatever the reason, a destination wedding could be the ideal way to celebrate your special day and make it an unforgettable day for yourself as well as your guests!

Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts of a Destination Wedding:


  • It’s particularly significant to inform your guests far in advance about your destination wedding so that they can plan and arrange for a trip.
  • You should hire a wedding planner since planning a destination wedding away from home can be even harder. Having a wedding planner can help you in many ways.
  • Create a list of suggested activities and excursions your guests can do to keep them happy and entertained at the destination.
  • You should provide transportation to and from the airport to guests and any other travel needs they may have to make your guest visit comfortable.
  • On your destination wedding if you have invited guests with children, be aware of the additional arrangements they will require to make, moreover.


  • Don’t invite too many guests at your destination wedding because it directly makes an impact on your budget.
  • Don’t bring too many things from your hometown because you can get anything from that location as well. You can arrive at your destination wedding place early and look around locally to find the things that you need on your wedding day!
  • Don’t ever suppose that the guests you have invited know the place they are going. Provide them written correspondence beyond the invitation with maps and directions.

Wrap Up: However, planning a destination wedding might need a small more time and research but the outcome will be extremely worth it as you and your guests share a memorable experience together and make enduring memories. Hopefully, our guide will help you plan a truly unforgettable day!