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Wedding ideas to have fun

Usually when you visit other's weddings,you start enjoying the moment and get excited. This excitement turns into the thoughts that, “I wish I had planned the same".

Well, to cover up that guilt we are here with multiple ideas to have fun and to help you make never-ending memories. We are here for converting your thoughts into a destination wedding so that you will not forget these memories. We are the professional wedding planners in Thailand and we know how to make a perfect plan. Here are some of the ideas with which the wedding fun will not stop.

Forget Everything, Just Dance

Without the dance floor, no wedding is complete. While arranging the venue, keep in mind to ensure that there is a space where you can host a party in the evening after all the rituals when everyone is ready to move. If you are willing to make some unique ideas then we can help as we are the top-rated wedding planners in Thailand.

Play the song which guests want to hear

It is not possible to ask each and every person about which song he likes. So it is better to include some space on RSVP cards where guests can write their songs on which they want to dance at the wedding. With this idea, a playlist will be created as well as everyone will dance at the same point.

Hire an artist

The guests would have more fun when an artist would make a sketch of them. That giggling of your guests would be the best part of your wedding. This will make everyone burst into laughter and it will be the perfect keepsake which will remind them about your wedding day.

Arrange a quiz

Leave one quiz card on every table so that every married couple present there can take part in Mr. and Mrs. Quiz about the newlyweds! Encourage everyone to take part in the quiz to turn it into a more exciting phase. Offer a prize for the table which gives the correct answers.

Food Trucks

These are the perfect addition to your weddings. Instead of stalls or shops, these are something unique that will make the guest more excited to experience their new meal spot.

Photo Booth

Instead of that boring and formal photo-shoot, plan the theme of the photographs. Create a background according to the theme or do some creativity by hanging the picture frame, display some creative things that will reflect a photo booth. Moreover, for more fun, display a whiteboard and marker for your guests and ask them to draw their own pictures and captions.

Organize an after part

After your wedding gets over, instead of just heading to the homes organize an after party and invite your friends that are your closed-ones. Arrange different activities or make everyone to sing a song for you. It keeps everyone entertained. Plan your wedding in a unique way so that it will become a never forgettable memory and make everyone to take part in the activities arranged for having fun. Make your wedding a memorable day with our guidance. We are professional event planners in Thailand.